Many years ago, performers Camilla Pessi and Simone Fassari met at the Teatro Dimitri school in Switzerland and after several years performing and touring worldwide in circus acts, they reunited and started performed together. In 2010, they created their first full-length piece, Pss Pss, and while it has never played in Australia until now, the show has been seen across more than 50 countries and performed over 700 times.

Pss Pss takes inspiration from the comedic greats of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton as Pessi and Fassari grace the audience with a variety of physical comedy like mime, acrobatics and slapstick bickering, while not expressing any verbal dialogue to each other, aside from the occasional “PSS PSS” as they bring attention to each other for encouragement.

What makes Pss Pss a very special show to watch is the expertly crafted performances of Pessi and Fassari. Not only do they show incredibly gifted physical acts, they also manage to convey so much emotion without having the verbally express it for the audience.

They also utilise very create ways for props including fruit, diabolo, a trumpet, an accordion and a metal ladder that is used in more ways than one. There is also a bit of audience participation, so if you are tall or up for a hug, be prepared for the possibility of being picked.

The show is performed at the Ukiyo, which is used very well as it creates a very intimate environment for the performers and the audience, housing very specific movement and control within the limited space.

Some aspects that may ruin the illusion of silence is the loud music blaring from a venue next door and even a unique aspect to the showing I went to was a group of late audience members entering the venue after Pessi and Fassari had began. However, as they have done the show enough times to encounter ANY type of interruption, they managed to bring these distractions into the show for comedic effect.

Overall, Pss Pss is a wonderfully crafted circus act that has silent slapstick, but will bring loud laughs. Would highly recommend seeing this hilarious performance.

Rating: ★★★★★

Pss Pss is playing at the Ukiyo in Gluttony until March 3rd.

Tickets are available here.