Update: The State Government have announced that South Australia will implement Step 1 from Monday, May 11. Read on to find out how that will work.

It’s been nearly two months since society as we know it was shut down with restrictions to stop the spread of Coronavirus. We’ve been mostly confined to our homes and barred from gatherings in groups, all in the name of “flattening the curve” – and, incredibly, we’ve kind of done that. South Australia, especially, has had some incredible results – we went 14 days without recording a single case, and just two active cases remain in the state at the time of writing.

We know people are itching to know when we can see our friends again, when we can go back to the gym, back to the pub, back to our favourite restaurant. Our leaders have been discussing this as well, and today (Friday May 8) Prime Minister Scott Morrison unveiled a three-step plan which towards lifting restrictions and returning society back to normal.

Scott Morrison made it clear that he wants Australia to “walk before we can run” – there might be setbacks along the way, and we’ll only move through each step once we’re ready.

States will be responsible for implementing these plans at their own pace. In SA, we’ve actually already implemented some elements of Step 1.

So, let’s get into it. What’s involved in each step?


Step 1 will see the following things reinstated:

  • Gatherings of up to 10 people
  • 5 people allowed within homes
  • Retail stores, small cafes and restaurants reopened (with strict spacing requirements)
  • Children learning in classrooms and allowed on playgrounds
  • Outdoor fitness bootcamps and sports such as golf and swimming
  • Libraries and community centres reopened
  • Travel within the state permitted (local and regional)
  • 30 people permitted at funerals, and 10 people permitted at weddings
  • Employees continuing to work from home (as long as that works for you and your employer)

In South Australia, we already allow gatherings of up to 10 people, travel within the state is allowed (our Premier has encouraged us to travel to regional areas for Mother’s Day) some retail stores have opened and playgrounds have reopened (worth double checking with your local council, though.)

The State Government have confirmed that they’ll implement Step 1 of easing restrictions from Monday, May 11. For us, that means:

  • Outdoor dining at cafes and restaurants
  • Face-to-face classes at University and TAFE
  • Outdoor sports training
  • Auctions and inspections


When we move to Step 2, we’ll see the following:

  • Gatherings of up to 20 people
  • Reopening of gyms, cinemas, galleries, beauty outlets and amusement parks
  • Organised community sport
  • More retail stores opening
  • Some interstate travel might be allowed.

South Australia will implement its own version of Step 2 on June 8.


Scott Morrison emphasised that Step 3 was a bit vague – we’ll need to work through Steps 1 and 2 before we get a clearer picture of what Step 3 looks like, but he gave the following guidelines:

  • Gatherings of 100 people
  • Most workers back in the workplace
  • Interstate travel allowed
  • Pubs, clubs, and maybe gaming venues reopened

The plan is to move through all 3 steps by July – but it’ll be moving one step at a time. Each state will need to make sure that they have their testing, tracing and tracking under control before moving through the steps.

ScoMo also emphasised the importance of the COVIDSafe App for keeping yourself and the community safe and helping governments move through the steps – 5.3 million people have now downloaded it.

Here’s a full roadmap of how restrictions will be eased in South Australia:

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