In the wee hours of Friday morning, while you were all tucked up in bed, PlayStation held a major conference to announce some new titles coming to both PS4 and PS5. Now whether or not you can actually get your hands on a PS5 is another matter altogether, but damn if we’re not excited for these titles. Let’s take you through some of the major announcements.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man is back once again following last years’ Miles Morales. With some web-swinging that took me right back to the days of the Spider-Man 2 movie adaptation, the 2018 game, developed by Insomniac, was one of my favourites from the PS4 era. I spent countless hours traversing the virtual New York City, and I’m preparing to do it all again. Unfortunately we’ve got a bit of a wait for this one, it’s due out in 2023, but with Venom all but confirmed to appear I’m sure it’ll be well worth the wait.

Marvel’s Wolverine

Now this is one I didn’t expect. Continuing their run of amazing superhero games, Insomniac is adding more to its proverbial plate with Wolverine. Details are pretty scarce at the moment, with no hint when we could expect to see it, although it is reportedly ‘very early in development’. I will absolutely be disappointed if old mate Hugh Jackman doesn’t make some sort of appearance, but no doubt it’ll still be leagues better than the recent X-Men movies.

God of War: Ragnarok 

If it wasn’t wowing us in 2018 with Spider-Man, it was wowing us with God of War. The soft reboot of the series gave us a new spin on the demigod Kratos (how many times can one man say ‘boy’?), as well as a shift to Norse mythology. Ragnarok continues on that path and I personally can’t wait to mow down some of Odin’s minions with that ridiculously powerful Leviathan Axe. This’ll be one available for both PS4 and PS5 when it launches next year.

Gran Turismo 7

So Gran Turismo: Sport was great and all, but it never quite scratched that itch of taking my crappy little Mitsubishi and turning it into a car that could rival an Audi supercar. While Sport focused on the eSports scene, is set to feature a return of the traditional campaign mode. With the return of the livery editor too, God knows I’ll be spending hours intricately placing stickers to make the car just right. The best thing is, GT7 will launch on March 4 next year on PS4 and PS5 so there’s not long to wait at all.

Alan Wake Remastered

And last but definitely not least, the cult classic from the days of the Xbox 360 is finally returning with a brand new remaster. Boasting some graphical enhancements as well as being packaged with the two DLC’s, we can’t wait to give this a shot. Once again, this will be available on both PS4 and PS5, and it’s also literally just a few weeks away, releasing on October 5.

Well there you have it folks. Just some of the major announcements from the PlayStation showcase. Now then, I’m off to try and locate a PS5. It shouldn’t take too long surely?

Photo: Polygon 

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