AIT_onlineTraditionally, Fresh 92.7 has always been a radio station. We play music and talk about the music and it’s all starting to get a bit samey, tbh. So, we’ve decided to expand.

We’re entering the taxi business!

Before you go trying to get Ryley to pick you up from the corner of Rosina Street at 3am because your phone has died and your best friend went off with a twitchy dude named “Damo”, we should explain. We’re playing a little game called ‘Fare Enough’. It’s a game where you have to catch our cab cruising all over Adelaide, and if you can get the timing right, your next few cabs could be on us!

Playing ‘Fare Enough’ is pretty simple – just listen to Cam and Alex for Brekky, or Ryley for Drive for your chance to play. Once you’re playing, you’ll hear our cab start to travel… but unlike a regular cab, the fare amount fluctuates. Yell out ‘Fare Enough’ at the right time and you could score a huge Adelaide Independent Taxis voucher!

We’ll be playing Fare Enough every day in Brekky and Drive, until Friday March 17th.

A big thanks to Adelaide Independent Taxis for playing Fare Enough with us! You can download their new 13 22 11 app to make a booking.