Whether you’re relaxing at home or catching up with some mates, it always starts at Sip N Save. You could win $100 worth of Sip N Save vouchers just by listening to Cale for your drive home!

Pull out your old street directories, atlases and globes Adelaide, you’re going to need to release your inner explorer. Every weekday for the next 2 weeks from 4pm, Cale will play ‘Directional Dysfunction.’ Listen to our set of directions from his “highly technical Maps service” – aka Loz from Brekky doing her best virtual assistant voice.

Follow the directions (that all start from a Sip N Save) to an iconic Adelaide location then call Cale and tell him where they led you. If you’re right you win! It’s that simple. But call in quick, you’ve got to be the first through to win.

It might be a good idea to do some research on where all the Sip N Save’s are around town too. It will give you a bit of an edge before the competition starts. You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot.

‘Directional Dysfunction’ starts Monday October 26. Happy hunting Adelaide!

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