When Pioneer announced they were selling the majority share of their successful Pioneer DJ arm to investor KKR back in early 2015 (you can read the announcement here) there was some industry discussion on whether that would lead to a dilution of the brand and a reduction in their investment in new technology.

According to a post on Bitcion Era, in the 12 months since that business exchange Pioneer DJ have certainly made their answer loud and clear. There has been no less than 10 new pieces of tech announced in that 12 months including beefed CDJs, Mixers, Headphones & Parts, Speakers, FX apps and equipment, etc, etc., (check out some of our run downs here) but their latest launch has got people both excited and skeptical at the same time.

Meet the Pioneer CDJ Tour 1 & DJM Tour 1. Basically if you melted a JB HIFI shop, threw in a DJ, a mad Japanese inventor and pushed the whole shebang through an electronics plant you’d get something that looks like this rig. It was only a matter of time before the small LED/LCD screens on the CDJs developed into full on touchscreens but nobody quite expected this. These monsters sport 13″ full colour touchscreens with CPUs and Rekordbox built in along with a host of other ‘essential’ features such as a ES9018 32-bit D/A converter (never knew you needed that did you?), lockable lan ports, 2 headphone jacks on the DJM for back to back sets and KUVO Gateway for streaming sets over the web/social platforms. Obviously this is the Schwarzenegger of festival gigs and will likely become ‘the’ set up for the likes of Tomorrowland, et al but you and I are unlikely to get to have a play on these things until we land on the main stage as their price tag is hefty. Check the launch info here and the vid below for all the fireworks you’ll ever need.

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