The Fresh 92.7 All Nighter At Home. 24 hours of Fresh 92.7’s best DJs in one non-stop virtual party.

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It’s been a while since we’ve thrown a Fresh 92.7 Party, right? After everything we’ve all been through in 2020, we deserve a good night out. It might be some time before we can all hit the dancefloor together, but we won’t let that stop us!

The Fresh 92.7 All Nighter At Home is Fresh’s latest party, thrown 2020 style. From Saturday night all the way through to Sunday evening, your favourite specialty DJs and show hosts will step up to the decks for a party like no other.

You can watch and listen no matter where you are! The dancefloor is in your loungeroom, your car, or your headphones. The drinks are in your fridge. But the music, and the heart of the party will come from the Fresh 92.7 studios, bringing together partiers from across Adelaide, Australia and the world. 

The Fresh 92.7 All Nighter At Home also marks the start of an important station fundraiser, which we’ll tell you more about soon. This virtual party is free to enter, but any donations will go towards some much needed station equipment – as well as paying our DJs, who haven’t had many gig opportunities since the lockdown, for their time.

Stream the Fresh 92.7 All Nighter At Home through the Fresh website, The party will also be simulcast on-air – simply tune into Fresh 92.7 on FM Radio, DAB+, our App or iHeartRadio!

The full lineup of DJs and set times can be found below!

Date Time DJ
Sat Aug 1st 1800 Lisa D (Freakin’ It)
1900 Gex (Synergy)
2000 Midtown Jack (The Session)
2100 Paul Marshman (The Main Room)
2200 Contagious (Your Unity)
2300 DJ Josh
Sun Aug 2nd 0000 Gootz (Dropzone)
0100 Ragz (Dancehall & Ting)
0200 Rusha (Rollerz)
0300 The Ones & Twos DJs (Oh Q & ctoafn)
0600 Patch (Rollerz)
0700 Troub9L (Rollerz)
0800 Six Lashes (Synergy)
0900 Dave Collins (Beats & Pieces)
1000 Kat Leese (Sunday Session)
1100 Lucky Jnr (Sunday Session)
1200 Ezee G (Deep)
1300 Gunda G (The Bassbin)
1400 Mr John (The Joint)
1500 Bobby Prince (Footwork)
1600 Caroline Tucker
1700 Lezen (The Vibe)

The Fresh 92.7 All Nighter At Home. 6pm Saturday August 1st – 6pm Sunday August 2nd.

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