Attention listeners, we interrupt your broadcast for an important breaking announcement. PalaceNova Eastend Cinemas are now offering $5 tickets for students, I repeat, our neighbours, PalaceNova Eastend Cinemas are now offering $5 tickets for students.

OK seriously tho, we’re talking $5 tickets for any movie, any day, any time. That’s like at least 7 more dollars to spend on snacks to not eat during A Quiet Place, or, according to my calculations, precisely only $5 to see THE most ambitious cross over event in history, Avengers: Infinity War.

These guys even have Adelaide’s largest cinema screen, ExiMax, on offer. DID I MENTION TICKETS ARE ONLY $5!? All you gotta do is rock up, give them your email, and show them your student card – this is seriously easier than racking up a HECS debt. Better than this meme. Almost.

Anyway, check out the session times online here. Go on, catch some Oscar-winning fish s e x on the big screen while you can (I’m looking at you, Guillermo del Toro).

While promotion lasts. Excludes Special Events and Film Festival Films. PalaceNova Eastend only.

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