The sounds of classic ‘Progressive’ music have been pushed by some major names over the years including the likes of Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Sasha and even recent visitors to Adelaide Pig & Dan, so it comes as no surprise that many amazing tunes are being reborn for 2017. Internet label and audio channel Progressive Astronaut have been working hard many years to keep on bringing us the very best new and remixed Prog bombs and have they got a beauty for us. ORNSnow was a mighty, mighty tunes many moons ago, it still sounds awesome today, but even the best track needs a little freshening up now and again. Enter Chris Cargo who has ran the original though some of the latest audio equipment and performed some real magic on it to give us an up to date Progressive monster that is bound to bring the dancfloor to its knees. If you’re a fan of Young Tokyo and Electric Circus and  love our boys on Your Unity you’ll want this in your record bag or on your iPhone. Get it now for free over on Soundcloud/Hype.

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