Our girl Kota Banks has dropped a brand new film clip for her absolutely flaming track ‘Child’!

The clip, which dropped online just yesterday, features the always babin’ Kota jiving around in a studio with her equally blessed mates.

But this isn’t just any ol’ jiving. Seriously guys, the choreography (by Daniel Wijngaarden) is actually amazing. Like exceptionally so. In fact, we’re gonna say it’s a massive throwback to when synchronise-dance based film clips were actually good.

It’s super exciting to finally have some visuals to put to the song that’s been absolutely slaying on Fresh since it was released in June! Check it out below and join us as we unanimously froth over how aesthetically pleasing the whole thing is.

Meanwhile, we were actually lucky enough to have a chat to Kota when she was in town promoting PRIZE – here’s what she had to say about putting her mix tape together when she had a chin wag with Owen.