This morning Loz and Thomo put an extremely pertinent question about relationships to the people of Adelaide: Should you try before you buy?

Essentially, this metaphorical question refers to a person’s need to know exactly what they’re signing up for before committing to a new relationship.

You know, sampling the deli goods before you purchase them. Like Bung Fritz, except it’s an actual person, not fritz. Ya know?

Really the metaphor can apply to many elements of a relationship, for instance, making sure you get along with bae’s family and friends, or indeed making sure they can ‘throw the leg’ before you make the situation Facebook official.

But when the Brekky team chucked the question out there, they were shocked to find themselves having an extremely heart-felt discussion with a caller by the name of Brad.

See Brad and his girlfriend are essentially the Romeo and Juliet of Adelaide, with a story as beautiful and tragic as the Shakespearean play itself.

In fact, at one point in the call, Thomo can be heard uttering the phrase “I’m tearing up here”, which he hasn’t been close to doing since Tony Modra signed with the Dockers in 1999.

Listen below for a good ol’ heart string tugging.

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