This is the cheapest first-aid course in Adelaide folks!

Triple threat Georgie Carroll, delivers a brilliant performance in Sister Flo 2.0 that is both hilarious and surprisingly educational. She’s a nurse, comedian, and mother to two teenage boys (which needs an award in itself really) who talks about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the health care industry with a comical twist.

From nursing antics, to teen puberty, to why old people give the best presents, you’ll find yourself laughing till you cry. Bring your own tissues though she’s off duty.

The show thrived the moment it started. Georgie is a riot, and also apparently very organised. She did some research and found out exactly what our public thinks of our hospitals by reading some very outlandish Google reviews. Written by people with a little too much time on their hands, the skit began with an ingenious dig at some of our local hospitals. Let’s hope she wasn’t talking about you!

Although she’s becoming a very familiar face in the Australian comedy scene, her authentic charm and laid-back approach makes her performance all the more inviting. And can we talk about her infectious accent??? Makes the banter that much better.

There was a lot of wisdom shared throughout the evening, however, the highlight personally was when Nurse Georgie kindly pointed out that “you can’t get any more anaphylactic”. So, to everyone out there who is allergic to nuts, you may as well just enjoy the rest of your meal.

You’d also be happy to know. A whole hour discussing the health industry and only one or two mentions of the modern plague we call COVID.

During her many years in the health sector, Georgie has also come to the conclusion that the best presents have come from her aged care clients, and she can vouch for this with a printed photo of a tea towel of Yorkshire. Now I know what you’re thinking, she’s not from Yorkshire, but imagine a 90-year-old man trekking across Adelaide to get you a photo printed out at Officeworks. Truly giving meaning to the idea that “it’s the thought that counts”.

Nurse Georgie Carroll knew just how to work the crowd. She had a communal b*tch with all the health care workers in the audience, and made those who aren’t feel much better about their job.

She doesn’t just save lives; she’ll administer you with a much-needed dose of laughter too.

The cherry on top of the cake; this show definitely ended my fringe experience on a high note.

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