Nurse Georgie Carroll. I don’t know why it never crossed my mind, that Georgie Carroll might actually be a nurse in her everyday life. I was waiting for some kind of sexy outfit to do with nursing. Maybe she comes out into the crowd with a stethoscope? I never like to question the weird and wacky names of the Fringe Season too much. However, what I did receive was raw, deeply honest and sometimes cringeworthy truths about a huge community in Adelaide that I am for the most part ignorant too. 

Georgie burst onto the stage with loads of English charm. She had a delightful warmth about her, which would definitely help comfort me in a hospital situation. She is definitely well suited to her profession. One by one, she shouted out each hospital from across our state. Which followed with large and powerful roars from endless women and men representing their turf.   

She left no medication unturned and no body part unmentioned. If you know someone who is a nurse, you would know that they have zero carefactor when it comes to speaking freely about the human body. Georgie opened up on her own personal and painful experiences from surgery, children and even dealing with high risk patients. Even if her husband and son were in the crowd watching on this particular night. 

Carroll praised each generation on their unique input and dedication to the profession, with well thought out jokes that left the crowd in stitches. I felt so special to be in a room full of so many incredible people, who truly contribute to our society in ways most of us could never even imagine! 

I definitely have a newfound appreciation for the nursing community after seeing her show! Daring to go where most others fear, it will leave you in absolute tears! Unfortunately, that was Georgie’s last show in Adelaide for 2021! But, I’m sure you can count on her returning next year. You won’t wan’t to miss out as this year she left a string of sold out shows!

I rate this show a 4.5 / 5 stars 


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