I went to this show as a skeptic. My only experience with Amos Gill has been his work on radio, and admittedly, didn’t find him funny. Some friends told me “you have to see his stand up”. So I bit the bullet and off I went. No expectations.

What I was greeted with though, was sore cheek, side splitting, non-stop laughter. His whole routine was extremely relevant. Starting off with a lot of observations and opinions relating to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, and crossing over many topics right up to the rift between “Baby Boomers” and “Millenials”.

Almost every joke was met with a roomful of laughter. There were a couple where the jokes were funny, but somewhat controversial… and no one wanted to be the first to laugh. But Amos carried on like a seasoned vet, bringing the crowd back with his quick wit. He delivered his routine conversationally, making the audience feel like he was talking to them.

My favourite style of comedy is observational. Taking day to day life, and finding a humorous slant on it. Amos Gill has this skill in spades. I found myself speaking to friends and family for days after, chatting about current events and politics. Each time I found something in Gill’s routine to draw from and bring some laughs to the conversation.

For those who have seen him in action, you already know. For those like me who were skeptical, I can not say more strongly, go see him! The Sheeple’s Champion takes current events, particularly the life changing pandemic reaction, and turns it on it’s head. Gill single handedly shows us why the entertainment and arts sectors are SO vital to both our economy and our wellbeing. There’s no better medicine to life’s ailments than a good laugh, and Amos Gill delivers!

Rating: 5/5


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