I couldn’t think of any better way to kick of 2021’s Fringe Season than with such an entertaining performance. Brought to you by the incredibly talented cast of The Green Guys Theatre, Parlour Games brings a bit of mystery to your evening. In an absorbent mixture of comedy and theatre, the story follows an Agatha Christie murder mystery novel book signing and the series of events that follow.  I couldn’t help but watch and think of the plot much like an interactive live performance of Cluedo, with a multitude of layered characters, each trying to sway you to think they committed the murder.

Throughout the play, you get to know each characters idiosyncrasies, as they each get their moment in the spotlight. You become attached not only to the storyline, but also to each characters individual backstory.

Each cast member delivered an outstanding performance, with a set and costumes that cleverly linked into the era of that time. The play was cheeky, funny and engaging as you tried to figure out who the killer is before the big reveal. Parlous Games is a very high quality and fun piece of South Australian Theatre that everybody can enjoy.  I give this performance a 4 out of 5 stars. I whole-heartedly recommend!

By Jamie Bucirde

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