Further measures have just been announced by the Prime Minister to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Public gatherings have been restricted to just 2 people

Looks like we’ll be doing things in pairs now. Previously, public gatherings were limited to 10 people – that’s now been reduced to 2. Whether there are penalties for breaking this rule in SA is up to Steven Marshall and the State Government.

6 month moratorium on evictions

Supposedly more announcements on housing, rentals etc. are forthcoming, but if you’re renting you can take some comfort in the fact that you cannot be evicted over the next six months.

People over 70 strongly advised to stay home

The new announcement came with a strong recommendation for all of us to stay home unless we need to go out – and that’s even more important for those over 70, who’ve received strong medical advice not to leave the house. Let your parents and grandparents know!

As for the rest of us, the PM wants us to only really go out if we need to – working if you can’t do so from home, shopping for what you NEED, going to medical appointments and exercising (provided you’re only with one other person.) Confusingly, ScoMo gave the example of jigsaws as something you should feel free to go out and buy if you need, because his kids will go nuts without it or something? Guess it’s up to us to decide what’s necessary and what’s not!

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