Hey Guys,  here’s a list of all our new music we are playing today on New Music Kaboom with Evo- filling in for Ryley!

We’ve added the Youtube/Soundcloud links to all of the songs so you can find them, listen to them and most importantly…


You know how much we love our listener feedback so tell us if you love it/ hate it! We want to know!

You can call in, text in, catch us on Twitter or even SnapChat!


Our first track of the day to kick things off is:


One Touch (Skuls edit) – Baauer ft. AlunaGeorge & Rae Sremmurd



We love this track, it’s groovy!



We also have the new Louis Futon Remix of All We Need, comment your thoughts on this track;


All We Need (Louis Futon Remix) – Obesza ft. Shy Girls



One of listeners  “NATDOG” thinks we should bin it, but we beg to differ!!!

What do you guys think???



This one here is a wicked remix of Faded, we are really digging it’s trappy twist, and by the sounds of it, so are our listeners who are loving it!

check it out on youtube:



Faded (DJ Mustard & DJ Snake Remix) –Zhu




Our SnapChat line is going off with lots of love for this remix! Keep them coming guys! 😀



Now, we’ve played this track once before but we want to know what you think, hit us up on Snapchat!


Lose myself – Seven Lions ft. Lyn Gunn

We’ve had some real positive feed back on this track. Thanks guys keep them rolling! Tell us what you think about today’s playlist!



This is a brand newbie, so send us a text (0428 927 927) on you thoughts, should we keep it or give it the flick??


Cast a Spell – Blonde ft. Piano Man




and now playing is a new track from Bombs Away, a little different from their usual stuff but it works, we like it! What do you guys think of it?


Rewind- Bombs Away
The track is so new its not on Youtube or Soundcloud yet but we have our hands on it so tune in and have a listen!
Our listeners had mixed feelings about this one. Some said its was good, others weren’t so sure about it. We may have to play it a little more!




It’ now time for Five Thirty Throw Back with a remix of a classic love;


American boy (Bolivard remix) – Estelle ft. Kanye West



Can’t go wrong with a old track!

This next one is a brand new awesome tune! we love it and hope you do too, if you do have a feel for it, tell us so we can keep playing it!



Butterscotch- Grandtheft ft. Lambo



The text line went crazy for this one! So much love, our fans digged it just as much as we did, looks like a keeper!


Here’s a new one from our very own Adelaide talent Tkay:


M.O.B- Tkay Maidza

Listeners were big fans of the track! This is what we love to hear, keep your feedback coming guys!




This track is actually number 1 in Italy from an Australian artist! Proud to support our Aussie talent:



Cool Enough- Sada Ft. Elen Levon





And finally our last brand new track for the show tonight with a little something from Madeon:


Pay No Mind –Madeon ft. Passion Pit



What are your thoughts?

Are you a fan of it? We don’t mind it! So thumbs up in the studio!



Well that’s a wrap for New Music Kaboom this week, we loved your feedback as always! And we hope you loved our new beats!


Stay tuned for Vitamins With Dance space up next On Fresh 92.7




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