If you’ve been listening to Drive with Ryley recently, you’ve probably heard the absolute tune that is Nick Murphy’s brand new single with Kaytranada, Your Time.

The track marks the lead single off Missing Link, the first EP release for Nick, FKA Chet Faker, since changing his moniker. And, just as we’d hoped, the track is a brilliant evolution of that circa 2014 Chet Faker sound we knew and loved, blended with a signature Kaytranada groove (remember Glowed Up?).

Of the official reversion-to-his-original-name change, Nick explained in a recent press release that he wanted to signal his self-rediscovery in his creative journey: “Chet Faker was me trying to prove something to myself… now I want to put everything in.”

“Chet Faker will always be a part of the music. This is next,” he added in a Facebook post.

As for the actual music, “Instead of having to make finished tracks, I could just explore,” Nick says. “That felt like the missing link between where I was and where I’m going now.” Ah, it all makes sense now!

Nick is only playing three live shows in Sydney in June as part of his US, European and Australian tour, but if an impromptu holiday isn’t on the cards for you, the whole EP is really something to sink your teeth into while you wait for more. Get your hands on it here.

Photo: Vivid Sydney

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