By Ben Palmer

On Sunday afternoon the Adelaide 36ers were unable to shine in Captain, Adam Gibson’s 300th NBL game, losing to top of the Table New Zealand Breakers 81-74.

New Zealand made their presence known in the first where Cedric Jackson (16 points, 6 rebounds) hit 12 points, creating a nine point lead.

“When we’ve won on the road we’ve had pretty good first quarters, said New Zealand Breakers Coach Dean Vickerman.

“I guess you take the crowd out of it a little bit and being Gibbo’s (Adam Gibson’s) big game I just thought just come out really aggressive and we got them a little bit on the back foot early on.”

But in the second quarter, it was the BJ Anthony Show (11 points, 9 rebounds). The New Zealander hit 10 points along with seven rebounds in just ten minutes.

His strength around the ring proved to be too much for the Breakers as he looked unstoppable throughout the quarter. But an injury in the fourth quarter
stopped him from reaching the double double.

And it was in the third where the Sixers made their move to take the lead for the lead, but was only able to get as close level terms on two occasions.

At the beginning Adam Gibson (7 points, 5 rebounds) looked to push his team, hitting a three 23 seconds into the half. From here onwards there was a lot of to-and-fro between both sides as the ball went end to end.

Brock Motum (19 points, 5 rebounds) also earned the And1 and lifted the crowd with a spin move around Alex Pledger (5 points, 7 rebounds), before pushing it in off the glass.

But as the Breakers had demonstrated throughout the game, they held on strong down the stretch, taking advantage of the scoreboard when they needed to.

Corey Webster (12 points, 2 rebounds) had a six point quarter that kept New Zealand the lead, scoring his most important bucket on three quarter time buzzer to
extend the lead to 5 at the final break.

“It was pleasing how we could maintain it throughout the game and hold that lead and kept getting threatened, but we made big plays when we needed to, to keep that buffer out there.” Said Dean VIckerman.

In the final quarter, the orders from Joey was to go towards the paint rather than to take a plunge from outside the arc.

Jamaar Wilson again showed his prowess around the key scoring 21 points off the bench, along with four rebounds. The American looked to be Adelaide’s lifeline, but was given no reward for his effort.

“We’re not high percentage shooting team, we’re one of the lowest in the league, if not the lowest in three point percentage, said Adelaide Coach Joey Wright.

“We had some advantages down block so we felt like we had to get the ball to the block and take advantage of it.

“We kept it close, but they (New Zealand) wanted it more. They were more aggressive, more assertive, more confident, and they looked better.”

Adelaide now head look ahead to a double header weekend where they travel to both Perth and Melbourne to look and resurrect their season.

Adelaide 36ers: 74 (Wilson 21, Motum 16, Anthony 11)
New Zealand Breakers: 81 (Wesley 18, Jackson 16, Webster

Crowd: 5,552

Photo By AllStar Photos

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