Gear up, Fresh 92.7 has got three new tunes and three more reasons to make your Wednesday even better.

Hilltop Hoods – Leave Me Lonely

Okay, this tune is far too catchy and far too relatable. One of Hilltop Hoods members, Suffa, describes their new song ‘Leave Me Lonely’ as the common feeling for ‘anyone that’s ever been outside’ or ‘in a room with more than four people’. Despite the lyrics that are reassuring for my general dislike of socialising (I’m not the only one – thank god) the tune also provides a retro and upbeat presence, which is a little bit saucy. Somehow the cherished Adelaide group are still producing unreal music after seven albums, with ‘Leave Me Lonely’ being the intro for the roll out of their eighth (yes, EIGHTH) album. Looks like it’s going to be a huge 2019 for our Hilltop Hoods. Ah, seeing good things come out of Adelaide is a bit heart-warming. Do yourself a favour and pre-order their new album ‘The Great Expanse’ here!

Rudimental and Rita Ora – Summer Love

This song is my new ‘Summer Love’ – get it? Jeez, I’m funny. ANYWAY, UK’s own Rudimental and Rita Ora have produced this absolute beauty in time for summer, even though we’re still waiting for the weather to realise, lol thanks Adelaide. Rita Ora’s luscious vocals absolutely glow in the midst of Rudimental’s elements of pop, bass and percussion – a perfect recipe for a gloriously bouncy melody. ‘Summer Love’ is the newest addition to their already stellar forthcoming album, ‘Toast to Our Differences’, which is due to be released in January. Rudimental has released a wealth of material in the last few months, and I can say that I’m completely here for it. They will also be hitting up Adelaide soon, playing in Bonython Park on Feb 9th next year. Nab your ticket to a good time here.

Mashd N Kutcher False Rumours, Alex Holmes – I’m Yours

If you missed Brisbane DJ duo Mashd N Kuthcher last night at the Dog and Duck, you can find some solace in their new floor-filler ‘I’m Yours’. Arguably one of the most prominent DJ acts currently in Australia, they have been voted as the #1 duo in 2015 by inthemix, and created waves worldwide with their multi-media electronic performances. A word that comes to mind when describing the pair is cheeky, with their on-stage antics often being bigger than the music itself. In collaboration with NT’s False Rumours and London based vocalist Alex Holmes, ‘I’m Yours’ has ALREADY reached over 100,000 streams on Spotify. I think that says everything you need to know.

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