It’s the end of the week and that means there’s plenty of new tracks to have a listen to.

David Guetta Feat. Raye – Stay (Don’t Go Away)

He’s one of the most recognisable DJ’s on the planet, but that doesn’t mean he sometimes recycles song names… Yep, French DJ David Guetta has recently released his new tune ‘Stay’, but already has a song with the exact same title from 2004. Despite this, Guetta has created an absolute floor-filler (and it’s totally different to the original one) with the help of English singer Raye. The new song wasn’t featured in his latest album, but boy are we glad that he’s released it.

Russ – Civil War

If you haven’t heard of him, Russ is an American rapper who released a staggering 11 albums to Sound Cloud in between December 2011 and August 2014. For anyone trying to do the math in their heads, that’s an album at least every 3 months, which is pretty bloody good if you’re a big fan. Staying in his lane and pursuing his talent has also clearly worked for him after being named in Forbes’ list of top hip-hop earners. Give his new tune a listen and see why America adores him too…

PNAU Feat. Kira Divine And Marques Toliver – Solid Gold

PNAU are our Australian sweethearts in the EDM world, and the trio are living up to these expectations in their new song ‘Solid Gold’. Completed with the help of Kira Divine (who was also in hit ‘Chameleon’) and Marques Toliver, the group have put together an anthem that is one-part disco and one-part rhythm, aka a golden track. The video clip released this week is also an art work in itself. Check it out below!



Hayden James Feat. NAATIONS – Nowhere To Go

Look, I’ve only played Hayden James’ hit ‘Just Friends’ on repeat for the last three months, so I was super delighted to hear that he’s released his new tune ‘Nowhere to Go’. The Sydney producer stuck to his Aussie roots and united with Aussie duo NAATION, who provided killer vocals. Along with this, Hayden James also announced his debut album ‘Between Us’ 6 years after his first single was released.

EDX and Amba Shepherd – Off The Grid

Swiss DJ, EDX, and Australian singer Amba Shepherd are a match made in heaven. Their new collab for ‘Off the Grid’ is filled with plenty of uplifting beats and of course the signature EDX sound. Their style has only been crafted for the past 22 years deep in the music industry, and it definitely shows.

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