Fellow Freshies, saddle up because we have FOUR new killer tracks this week…

Charli XCX Feat. Lizzo – Blame It On Your Love

English singer Charli XCX is back (well, kind of) with her tune ‘Blame It On Your Love’. This tracks talks about being reckless and selfish in her own relationship and has actually appeared in an unfinished version on her 2017 EP ‘Pop 2’ without the voice of American rapper Lizzo. Speaking of Lizzo, she is dubbed to be the next big thing in the music world and has been soaring in popularity since the release of her major debut album last month. She has been in the media cycle just about every day, so expect to see A LOT more of her.

KDA Feat. Angie Stone – The Human Stone

Before I get into this song, I just want to say that synth is SO underrated for a good dance anthem. For this track, DJ KDA has taken elements of English synth pop band The Human League’s 1981 tune ‘The Sound of the Crowd’ and Angie Stone’s 2001 throwback ‘Wish I Didn’t Miss You’. It’s safe to say that KDA has nailed the mashup and has brought elements from the past into our current decade to create a solid track.

Prince Paris Feat. Yeah Boy – Smile

Big shout out to our Adelaide producing talents, because they just keep delivering. Canadian DJ Prince Paris has taken our very own icon Yeah Boy under his wing and created ‘Smile’, a track that is a total bop and has even better vocals. The tune is about telling people you love them, so it’s a bit of a feel good listen too (and perfect for that end of week feeling).

SACHI Feat. ROE – Sparking My Fire

New Zealand – a place with great scenery, excellent world leaders (sorry aus) and apparently brilliant EDM duos. Yep, SACHI and American singer, Roe, have produced something wonderful in ‘Sparking My Fire’. The track comes from their upcoming EP due for release on July 27th. Mark it on your calendars and get keen!

Check out our playlist below:

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