Premier Steven Marshall has announced mild new restrictions for South Australia, in response to COVID-19 outbreaks across the rest of the country.

The ‘delta variant’ of COVID-19 has proven highly transmissible, prompting lockdowns in New South Wales and the Northern Territory, as well as restrictions in other states. On Sunday June 27, South Australia closed the borders to the ACT, NT, QLD and WA, in addition to the previously standing border closure with NSW.

While no cases have been detected in South Australia yet (except for those contained within hotel quarantine) the Premier says we’re at a “critical point” in dealing with the situation developing across the country. Authorities are concerned there may be seeding of the delta variant in the community that has not yet been detected, and given we have the lowest level of restrictions in Australia, they believe we’re extremely vulnerable to such an outbreak.

From midnight Monday June 28 (i.e. as soon as your phone reads ‘Tuesday June 29’) the following restrictions will take effect:

  • Seated consumption indoors for licensed premises.
  • Masks mandatory for ‘high-risk’ settings such as aged care, hospitals and personal care (such as hairdressers and nail salons).
  • Masks highly recommended for public transport.
  • Masks also required for seated entertainment situations.
  • Limit on private gatherings in homes or halls: 150 people.
  • Licensed premises: 1 per 2 square metres.
  • No ‘communal consumption’ (eg buffets) at licensed premises, no shisha allowed either.

These restrictions are expected to remain in place for one week.

The Premier claims that this still leaves SA with the lowest level of restrictions across the country.

This post will be updated if new information comes to light.

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