What do Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson have in common? Besides being some of the hunkiest men in Hollywood, they have a new movie on its way to our screens.

‘Bullet Train’ is a neo noir triple threat movie; action packed with a sprinkle of comedy and thrills.

Based on the Japanese novel ‘Maria Beetle’, the film follows Ladybug (Brad Pitt) an unlucky assassin trying to get it right after several near-fail attempts and encounters with death.

Trying to complete his latest mission peacefully, he hops onto the worlds fastest train to retrieve a case. What’s in the case is TBC.

Just as his track record would assume, the train is coincidentally filled with other assassins, connected to Ladybug through similar yet conflicting objectives.

His new objective? Get off the train. Seems simple but he’s unlucky remember…

Hop on the ‘Bullet Train’ for a wild non-stop thrill ride through modern Japan but be warned, getting off may not be so easy.

The film will be exclusive to cinemas on August 4, 2022 but for now, you can watch the trailer below!

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