Ya’ll probably remember us banging on about our Transmission donation drive and that magical figure now burned into all our brains of $88,000. You’ll also probably remember that we made it over the line at the very last minute with some generous final donations from the likes of Police Credit Union and Adelaide City Council as well as the support of all you wonderful Freshies out there.

Well, not only did our Transmission drive win an award at the recent CBAA Conference for Best Station Promotion, Sponsorship or Fundraising Campaign (our first CBAA award) it also allowed us to buy and install our new transmitter (which was the point of the whole thing really).

We launched it just the other week on Ryley’s New Music Kaboom and it was a ground breaking, earth shattering event the likes of which we have never seen before here on Earth (well, sort of). Anyway, hopefully you’re all enjoying crystal clear reception and supreme clarity as we knock out our steady stream of daily bangers.

We took some snaps of the gear set up so you can see just how techie we are and to prove we have mad radio skillz! Seriously though, thanks to all our supporters over the years and for all your generous donations, it’s helped guarantee we will be broadcasting for many years to come.

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