We’ve all heard the age old saying “Never discuss politics or religion in polite company” right?

Well, apparently no-one told Nazeem Hussain – and thank God for that! (Or Allah probably, because according to Nazeem, Islam is the “correct religion”).

Reminiscent of Aussie legend Wil Anderson, Nazeem’s political commentary in his new show Basic Idiot effortlessly interweaves anecdotes of his newfound fatherhood – “they just let anyone become a parent these days” – with topical, sometimes controversial views on being a “lefty”, and the housing affordability crisis facing “white” millennials.
While these topics may not sound particularly funny, it is precisely the 32 year-old, Sri-Lankan Australian’s talent and delivery that somehow makes you simultaneously think AND laugh.

As a fellow second-generation Australian, a lot of his material about ethnic parents hit pretty close to home, producing humour from the truth and relatability of his content.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not all preachy, political, or religious humour. His genius attempt at starting a “brown race war” between Sri Lankans and Indians a personal highlight, and his imagining of ISIS headquarters evoking roars of laughter from the sell-out crowd.

If you’re easily offended, or have particularly strong political or religious views, then this is probably not the best way for you to spend an hour of your day. But for the rest of us folks, it’s pretty spot-on, intelligent, genius humour, and speaks volumes for the comedian’s appeal that he managed to sell out his show on a rainy, cold, miserable Tuesday night.

Nazeem Hussain is playing his show Basic Idiot until Sunday March 10, with most shows almost already sold-out. Grab your tickets from here.

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