A (very sore) chicken living on a farm in far north QLD has laid a game changing-ly yuuuuuge egg.

The egg, which has baffled both poultry experts and the farmer whose chicken laid it, is said to weigh approximately 180 grams. Aka the weight of three regular, non-radioactive eggs.

Scott Stockman, the chook’s master and farm owner, claims he’s never seen anything like it.

“It’s the largest egg that’s ever been produced on this farm since it was started in 1923 — three generations ago.”

But wait people, there’s more. The Godzilla egg was actually harbouring a second, smaller egg inside its shell.


“It’s just incredible actually —to have two perfectly formed eggs together,” Mr Stockman said.

The egg has also attracted the attention of poultry experts, who seem to be equally bamboozled by the inexplicable egg.

“To be honest, I don’t really know how it’s come about.” Claims Professor Raf Freire from Charles Sturt University’s veterinary sciences.

As for the poor old bird who birthed this obscenity, Mr Stockman said “she would have had a pain in the bum”.

Good grief. We can only hope she had access to some Vaseline.