Maybe you are someone who has some experience in creating your own music, whether it being through a music production course with us, or simply working from home on your laptop.

After our hugely successful Music Production Courses, we will be running three very exciting masterclasses that cover a wide variety of building music!

Throughout June and July, we are giving people who are at an advanced level of creating music the chance to develop or refine a specific skill set.

Here is some info about our masterclasses!

Songwriting – Monday June 17th

Have you started writing your own songs or have a specific idea of what genre appeals to you?  The Fresh 92.7 songwriting masterclass will give you an in-depth understanding of industry techniques and basic practices to apply to your preexisting or brand new ideas. We cover all the essential elements to writing a song in your chosen genre such as chord progression, lyrics and arrangement. Plus, you’ll learn the tricks to writing those ‘catchy’ hooks you hear on the radio.

EDM – Monday June 24th

From the bedroom to the main room – it’s time to take your production to the next level. The Fresh 92.7 EDM masterclass covers sampling, midi sequencing, audio effect and arrangement.
No stone will be left unturned including Midtown’s own secret to mastering and how to get your music loud, slamming and festival ready. Breaking down a track from start to finish, students will walk away with a clear understanding of what goes into producing a dance music record.

Mixing/Mastering – Monday July 1st

So, you’ve produced your track…now what? The Fresh 92.7 Mixing and Mastering course provides the final steps of music production and are crucial to bringing your song to life. This masterclass will show you the fundamentals of creating a professional, balanced mix and master that is ready for release.

Our Music Production Course students will get first dibs on these amazing opportunities AND a discounted price when enrolling in the masterclasses, but anyone can enrol!

Please note that these course are suited to those with some experience in producing music – ideally those who have a work-in-progress they want to improve on. If you’re a total beginner, you should enrol in our standard Music Production Course which runs at the end of July!

So if any of these masterclasses sound appealing to you, be sure to apply as soon as possible as they will all have very limited spaces!