Do you ever wonder what Motez’s favourite places are in our fair city? Well, inthemix has gone ahead and done the work for you. This interview is a part of a series that aims to unveil the best local hangouts and hidden gems that can be found in the capital cities of Australia. For the Adelaide round up they asked DJ, Producer and all-around cool guy Motez, who has been calling Adelaide home for the past eight years to represent the city.

On the City of Churches he said:

“Adelaide is happening right now. The city is more relaxed on licensing than it used to be; the old guard has kind of taken a back seat and the council is being really helpful because they want the city to happen. There are a lot of cool places in Adelaide, the city itself isn’t very big – even population wise it’s pretty small – so even within the city centre it still feels homely. I did a secret show in a warehouse which the council had actually suggested we use as the venue. They were like, ‘Oh you guys wanna go to that place?’ and they were really, really helpful with the licensing and everything.

“When I’m touring with other artists in the States, like when I played with Disclosure, they thought I was from Melbourne. When I told them I was from Adelaide, Guy, Howard, their promoter and tour manager all said, ‘Oh Adelaide, we’ve heard really cool stuff about it, it’s like the next happening city’. They had fun when they played there.”

Motez’s Picks:

For coffee, he lists First Pour, Hey Jupiter, and Coffee Branch as the best places in town to get a more than decent caffeine hit.

In terms of clubs, you can find Motez in joints such as Rocket Rooftop, Electric Circus and Sugar.

The other night-time hangouts that made his best-of list are: Udaberri, La Boheme, Bank Street Social and Four Doors Plus One.

There are so many great places to grab food here in Adelaide, but the eateries that made the cut for the interview include The Greek, Hey Jupiter and the one-and-only Adelaide Central Market.

Well if they’re good enough for Motez, then they’re good enough for us!

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