All publicity is good publicity, right? So you’d think Davo would be over the moon when she saw none other than Richard “Dickie” Wilkins talking about her sex life on national television. Yep, you read that right. A cheeky hook-up for Davo is apparently a story worthy of morning television although, she wasn’t too thrilled about it. And old mate Dickie didn’t seem too impressed either.

You see, Davo’s guilty pleasure is calling up a certain podcast hotline and revealing her darkest secrets and hoping for some advice. The podcast was niche, it was underground, no-one would ever hear any of this, right? Wrong.

Turns out this podcast got a bit bigger than expected and while being interviewed by Australian morning show royalty, Davo’s one night stand became the topic of conversation. Oh, I forgot to mention, this one night stand was with a captain of a boat. A tug boat. (There’s a lot of jokes in there but I’ll leave that up to your imagination…)

Anyway, take a listen below to hear how Dickie has labelled Davo’s love life (which is a fair assessment to be honest).

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