We searched far and wide, but in the end, Fresh 92.7’s next Brekky hosts were right under our noses all along.

Adelaide, meet your brand new Breakfast team: Johnny and Davo!

John Wilson and Lauren ‘Davo’ Davidson are born-and-bred Freshies, and they’ve been working for years to make Fresh what it is today. Now, they get to join you for the start of your day: every weekday morning, they’ll be having heaps of fun, playing plenty of tunes, and giving away some of Fresh 92.7’s biggest ever prizes!

Johnny needs no introduction to the Fresh listeners – but we have a word count to meet, so we’ll give him one anyway. He’s a sports fanatic, loves a lunch with his mum, and is somehow always the last man standing on a night out. You’ve heard him on Drive, you’ve heard him on weekends, you’ve heard him fill in for Brekky, and you’re currently used to hearing him during Workday on Fresh 92.7. In fact, you may have caught one of his first Insomnia shifts back in the day: Johnny has been working towards this opportunity since joining the station over 5 years ago.

“One thing I’m 100% sure of is that Adelaide will not have a harder working Brekky duo,” Johnny said of his new role. He’s a little nervous about working with Davo, though: “Her infectious laugh and her ability to immediately call me out on my crap is amazing. I think Adelaide are going to fall in love with her and I’ll have to settle for being the weird family friend that the popular kid gets forced to hang out with.”

Davo has also been part of the ‘Fresh Family’ for a long time – but a lot of it has been behind the scenes. Over her time volunteering at the station, she became one of the current Brekky show’s most trusted producers. If you’ve called into the studio, there’s a good chance you spoke to Davo before going on air!

More recently, Davo has been hosting Breakfast in Port Augusta, but she’s coming back to host Fresh Brekky – something she describes as “a dream come true!” She’s warm and friendly, loves a pint, and isn’t afraid to laugh at some of her disastrous life choices. She can’t wait to start working with Johnny either, saying “I have never felt more confident behind a mic than at fresh with Johnny behind the panel!”

Johnny and Davo will hit your airwaves as soon as we come back from the Easter long weekend. They’ve got some big things in store, including one of Fresh 92.7’s biggest giveaways ever – they’ll tell you about it real soon. Fresh’s big family of producers and newsreaders will be right there alongside them, and we hope you’re as excited about the new show as we are!

Brekky with Johnny and Davo will air every weekday, 7-10am from Tuesday, April 6.

The wonderful Loz and Thomo will air their last show on Friday March 26, and it’s set to be a huge one. Our team of awesome announcers will keep you company heading into the Easter long weekend.

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