Buckle up, folks.

Singer song-writer Matthew Koma has straight up accused Grammy award-winning producer Zedd of “toxic and self-serving behaviour” when he was questioned about the decline of their relationship.

Koma released a statement to Twitter, noting the breakdown of their collaboration after Zedd allegedly continuously took credit for melodies and lyrics that weren’t his.

Koma also suggests that the 2012 song ‘Clarity’ – arguably the most successful from the award winning album – was not credited to the right people. He also claims that Zedd took years to pay him for his work on the 2012 single ‘Spectrum’. Yikes.

On top of this, out of all of the collaborators Zedd has worked with, Koma was the only one to not be interviewed for his ‘tell all’ documentary about his rise to fame. He also wasn’t invited to the premiere of the Grammy ceremony where Zedd ended up winning Best Dance Recording for ‘Clarity’. Yep, that’s the track Koma claims he made it what it is.

Koma now says he can’t listen to those singles anymore because they were “experienced alongside someone so toxic and self-serving that it occupied the space where any happiness could exist”.

“With millions and millions of dollars and so many hit songs, you’d think you could afford to treat people with kindness and appreciate their role in helping you achieve your dream.”

Zedd hasn’t replied with a response yet, but overall this is a super sad turn of events.

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