Matt Tarrant is an Adelaide born magician and TV personality who has clearly found his calling in life as he was the highest selling solo act of the 2018 Adelaide Fringe and has been winning awards every year since 2012 and has appeared on TV shows like The Project and Australian Survivor.

Matt returns to the Adelaide Fringe with his new show MORE Unsolved, which features a wide range of illusions including card tricks, mentalist/ psychic readings, and a surprisingly tense variation on Russian Roulette.

There is also a special appearance from Bruce the Mind Reading Goose, who is, in fact, a goose that delivers a pre-made Uber Eats order that the audience unknowingly creates. As bizarre as that may sound, it was definitely a personal highlight of the show, especially when watching the participating audience member showing his hilarious scepticism to the final product.

What made MORE Unsolved a unique magic show is how important the audience is to the lineup of tricks. While he clearly has a specific framework of performances to give to the crowd, it’s the spontaneous reactions and engagements Matt has with participating audience members that adds a special flair to the show.

As he throws a My Neighbour Totoro Catbus plush toy to a random person in the crowd, he always seemed genuine and earnest with each audience member. Even with the more resilient participants, Matt would always manage to break through the person with some comedic banter, making them feel more comfortable as he guided them to do a magic act.

Matt Tarrant: MORE Unsolved is a really fun and unique magic show that will leave you wondering “How’d he do that?!” I can highly recommend the show to any person of any age.

Rating: ★★★★★

Matt Tarrant: MORE Unsolved is playing at The Flamingo in Gluttony until March 17th.

Tickets are available here, and judging by the sold-out crowd I was apart of, you better book quick!