The Brekky team reaches out to the cooking realm, interviewing the one and only Andy Allen, judge of MasterChef Season 14!

Andy Allen is a favourite amongst the gang – especially “excited boy” Callum – and the trio discuss the ins and outs of the world-famous MasterChef Kitchen, as well as what the new season means to the beloved judge.

Alongside the Julie Goodwin worship, one big question that DT&C were seeking out of Andy involved his experience as a former contestant on the show and his inspirations.

Tom and Callum are also quite the chefs in their downtime, so the boys put judge Andy to the test by asking him to determine whose dish he thinks sounds better. He thought Callum’s diet butter chicken sounded like a wholesome meal, but was quite taken back by Tom’s rendition of the classic taco, where he claims to have used chicken mince to spice things up.

Check out the full interview below!

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