Hot off the airwaves BBC broadcasting legend Annie Mac has just showcased the latest track by UK rapper M.I.A. The notoriously badass gal has shone a light into some of the darker areas of world music and life with tracks and videos featuring everything from drifting in the Arabian Desert to  lyrics abut the horrors of war and ethic divisions. This may all sound rather heavy but M.I.A’s style and swag means that she carries it all off with such bravado that you can’t help but be pulled in, she’s simply magnetic.

Her latest track ‘Go Off‘ is a colab with Skrillex and Blaqstarr which means there is some serious pedigree here. This newbie is set to be her first track off her fifth and supposedly last album and if Go Off  is anything to go by it’s going to be utterly explosive. Would we expect anything less? Nope!

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