All round Fresh fave Luke Million has been showing off his studio prowess this week posting a cheky little FB clip of him dabbling round in his studio with his plethora of awesome synths. The previous Fresh Air Open House speaker and Stigwood Fellowship recipient is a probably the man to go to if you;re into a retro sounding synth original with his previous hits Light and Sound and Midnight clearly showing inspiration from 80’s disco and dance entrepreneurs such as Giorgio Moroder. 

Clearly inspired by the soundtrack from the Netflix original series Stranger Things it’s just a snippet of what our fave synth wizard can do but if he keeps on getting inspiration like this then his upcoming releases are going to be absolute retro must haves, we can’t wait to see what gets laid down. Oh yeah, and he’s packing a Roland 808 in there too so it has to be dope!

Image courtesy of musicradar