This morning, (while he was supposed to be doing his job manning the sound desk) Thomo dropped all responsibility in the studio to have a filthy skeeze through Loz’s old Facebook pics.

Yeah that’s right. He went dumpster diving through the old archives, looking for embarrassing photos.

Did he find them?


Did he comment on them, forcing them to bob back up into everyones newsfeed?

Yes. Those bad boys floated to the surface like corpses in an abandoned canyon.

But what Thomo clearly didn’t consider, was if you play with internet fire, you’re going to get internet burnt. Aka, before he started poking around in Lozzy’s archives, he should have thought about the fact that his own Facebook prior to 2015 is a literal quagmire of bad decisions caught on camera.

Here are some of the more disgraceful photos the troll-fest uncovered.


Here’s the image that triggered it all. A classic duck-face cross-eyed number from Lozzy circa 2014. Disgraceful.

Then there was this personal attack on Loz’s car (which yes is 100% a piece of shit but not quite as shit as this lil’ fried number)

Loz retaliated however with this zinger (hold for applause on the Lockie Leonard reference)

Then Thomo stumbled across proof that at one stage in 2012 Loz believed she looked like Gisele Bundchen but was actually giving off serious Fabio vibes.

After which Loz found a lil portrait of Thomo the business entrepreneur making some important calls on the bluetooth. (For those playing at home, Thomo is the seventh pixel on the right. Also this was uploaded three times lol)

Despite Thomo’s comment, Loz would like the record to show that she never once pissed in the sink whilst working at Blockbuster.

But perhaps the filthiest find of the morning was this. Fun fact:  Thomo actually pep talks all of his shit’s before they make the big journey into the sewage system. He’s just that kind of guy.

Yeah. So let this be a warning to those of you considering commenting on that photo of your friend doing the splits on the Dog and Duck dancefloor back in 2011. It’s a wormhole you probably aren’t mentally or emotionally prepared to fall into.

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