This morning Loz & Thomo were lucky enough to be joined by former Hit 107 brekky host Amos Gill. The comedian is in town to promote his ‘Almost Famos’ Fringe show, and it was decided that a stock standard interview wouldn’t suffice for the star. Instead he sat in for the entirety of the 8 o’clock hour. Scandalous!

Things got juicy for the trio pretty quickly, with Amos managing to almost immediately dredge up a dark secret from Thomo’s past. Let’s just say it involved Amos’ gig, Thomo’s rowdy mates, and a jug filled with human piss. Listen below.

If you’ve listened to Loz & Thomo in the past, you might be aware of their segment ‘Unpopular Opinion’. It recently came to the attention of L&T that Amos’ former co-host Angus O’Loughlin has been playing out a very similar (identical) segment on his national Weekend Hit Breakfast show. The pair took this opportunity to probe Amos if he thought this was simply a coincidence, or possibly content thievery. What followed can only be described as ‘bridge burning radio’.

Amos decided to stay on for one final break (he wouldn’t leave) which started out as a gentle attack on Loz’s shabby hair, and wound up being a complete shredding of both Brekky hosts general physical appearance. A beautiful finish to a beautiful guest spot. Listen below.