This morning, Loz and Thomo were joined in the studio by a very special guest, a man named Andrew.

See Andrew, who literally has thethe voice of a buttered croissant, has been a regular caller to Fresh 92.7 over the last few years and never fails to blow the brekky hosts away with his robust, perfectly toned voice (which was clearly designed by god for radio).

Seriously, if freshly varnished mahogany had a sound, it would be that of Andy’s voice.

But after years of Andrew supplying the goods with his regular calls, we decided it was time to get the bloke in for the live exprience. Because, at the end of the day Fresh is a community radio station dedicated to developing local talent, and we felt that it was not only our priveledge, but indeed our civic duty to get Andy in and give him a go on the mike.

So ladies and gentleman, girls and boys, without further ado, we present to you The King of the Airwaves, The Lord of the Mike – Golden Throat Andrew.

(watch below to see it all unfold)

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