Loz & Thomo have been Fresh 92.7’s Bastions of Breakfast since their first show together in February 2018.

Broadcasting five days a week, at least 48 weeks a year, the shows have been racking up… and they’ve hit a particularly huge milestone.

Friday, August 28 marked the 600th ‘episode’ of Breakfast with Loz & Thomo!

The Brekky team spent the 600th show reminiscing with you, the listeners, about the most memorable moments from the last 3 years. Such moments include:

  • Thomo mispronouncing “Kronic and Krunk” and accidentally saying a very rude word on-air,
  • Loz accidentally stating she once breastfed a goat,
  • Arj saying “St. Penis” instead of “St. Peters,”
  • Loz’ many, many accents and character voices,

And plenty more. The podcast from the show is a trip down memory lane well worth a listen! We also had a DELICIOUS cake delivered by our friends at Dulwich Bakery – check it all out below!

We also played a very fun game of ‘Who’s Lie Is It Anyway,’ a game we’ve been playing since very early on in the show’s history:

Listen to the podcast below, and tune into Fresh 92.7 from 7am weekdays for more Brekky with Loz & Thomo. They’ll rack up another 600 shows before they know it.

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