After more than 2 years of hosting Fresh Breakfast every morning between 6 and 9am, Loz & Thomo are moving.

…by one hour.

We know your days are looking a little bit different right now. Some of you are getting up later, some of you are working from home, some of you don’t have a lot of work right now. Your routines have changed, which is why we’re changing ours!

Breakfast with Loz & Thomo will now air from 7am until 10am every morning!

It’s still the same Brekky show.
They’ve still got the Most Beats In Brekky.
They’ve still got prizes and giveaways you can put to good use from home.
And Loz will probably still find a way to run late.

But, by starting and finishing a little later, we hope Loz & Thomo can reach more of you and keep you company a bit better. The guys have been really moved by some of the lovely messages you’ve sent in over the last couple of weeks! So many things are uncertain right now, but Fresh isn’t going anywhere – and the Brekky show you know and love is gonna be here for you through it all.

92 Minutes Non Stop will still run straight after Brekky, so you can get your fix of non stop music every morning from 10am. No other programming is affected by this change.

Breakfast with Loz & Thomo will air from 7-10am every morning, starting Tuesday April 14 – straight after the Easter long weekend.

While you’re here – if you’ve got the time and ability to become a Fresh Mate, you’ll be directly helping us stay on air. Fresh Mates are a key part of how we do what we do, so please head here to find out how to make a tax-deductible donation and become a Fresh Mate!

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