Over the last 23 years, Fresh 92.7 has been the first step in the careers of some pretty impressive people.

Ben & Liam, Lehmo, Sam Mac; countless announcers, reporters and producers working across the country – so many bright, talented South Australians got their start in the Fresh studios.

We say hello, we get to know them, and eventually… we say goodbye. Now, it’s time for our beloved Brekky hosts to bid us farewell.

After over 3 years hosting Brekky, Loz & Thomo are leaving Fresh 92.7.

It’s been an incredible run – in fact, Loz & Thomo have been our longest-running full-time Brekky show ever. That’s nearly three-and-a-half years of laughs, games, and crook chat. From playing Who’s Lie Is It Anyway and the Brekky Buzz Off, to swimming in Thomo’s dam and competing in a ‘Heaps Good Race’ across Adelaide, Loz & Thomo have made countless unforgettable moments which they’ll be celebrating over the coming weeks.

They also powered through one of the most uncertain times of all of our lives. When the world locked down in 2020, Loz and Thomo still showed up every single morning, keeping us entertained and connected during a time in which we couldn’t physically see each-other.

Saying goodbye is never easy – but it’s part of what we do here at Fresh 92.7. Sooner or later, Loz & Thomo would move onto a new opportunity – and that opportunity has finally come along. Plus, it means we can give a new opportunity to the next great show here at Fresh!

We don’t have to say goodbye straight away, though! Loz & Thomo will broadcast their last show on Friday, March 26.

Make sure you tune in, because these final shows will be a lot of fun.

We’ll let you know about your new Brekky show real soon.

Brekky with Loz & Thomo airs 7-10am every weekday on Fresh 92.7.

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