Over the last few months, it’s fair to say Lozzy’s been the victim of some serious stitching up from Thomo.

Whether it’s ambushing her mid-show to catch her out on a lie, coercing her family to throw her under the bus live on air, or even writing an original rap dissing the f**k out of her – it seems there’s just nothing sacred left between the pair.

She’s bloody well been stitched up better than a patchwork quilt.

But if you poke the dragon for long enough, said dragon will burn you alive and set fire to your entire village.

Aka Lozzy was angry so she decided to get revenge.

In classic stitch up fashion, Loz allowed Thomo to believe they were doing a segment on “Where did you wake up after a big night out” (which is actually pretty good gear and you’ll probably hear it on Monday)

But Loz decided that instead of doing that, she was going to bring Thomo face to face with the creature he fears the most. No, not his own hungover reflection. A snake.

So if you want to see a man trying to stove off a panic attack whilst presenting a live breakfast radio show, please watch the video below.

If not, it’s bloody good content what’s wrong with you mate? Get a grip.

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