There are some things that are dead set certainties, like the fact the Michael Buble will release a Christmas album then disappear for the rest of the year, or that out TOP 92 countdown at the Alma is going to be completely awesome and you’d be crazy to miss it (not a gratuitous plug honest). Anways, what’s all this waffle about? Well another thing that is certain in life is that Low Steppa’s releases are rock solid gold, guaranteed quality and A1 club stompers. That’s why when the mam with the Midas touch drops a Xmas free download in your lap you best be on it quick.

This one is bound to get you moving, this time LS has reworked one of the best House cuts around, Ten Snake’s Coma Cat  it’s the one with that super catchy tubular bell rhythm throughout but this time it’s got some beefier basslines bubbling along underneath and some further fireworks sprinkled over the top.

Either way, enough spruiking from us check it below and download here.

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