Gather round the grill Mac-fiends. The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Tomorrow from 10:30 am, Big Mac Sauce will be available to purchase by the bottle from Maccaz stores Nation Wide.

*reschedules 10:30 am meeting with boss*


A bottle of the sacred sauce will set you back a mere $12 *bargain butterflies* but you’re going to want to get in super quick.

The sauce, which has been scientifically proven to tickle the pleasure centers of your brain, is limited edition a.f.. Seriously they’re only producing 100,000 bottles of the stuff nationwide.

Now if you’re wondering why this actual blessing from the lord has been bestowed upon us, you can thank the fact that the Big Mac is turning 50 this year and the people over at Maccaz are in celebratory moods. Aka they’re all jolly n’ shit and we’re massively reaping the benefits.


So now the power is with you and what you choose to do with your precious sauce. Put it on your burgs, put it on your taco’s, hell, technically you could smear the shit on your shins and have your partner lick it off in delight. The skies the limit.

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