The future of one of Adelaide’s iconic venues, Thebarton Theatre, has been put into question and the community of Adelaide and the music industry wants to protect it.

The State Government recently announced plans to upgrade South Road from Torrens and Darlington, potentially putting historic buildings, churches and Thebarton Theatre in jeopardy.

In 2018, Adelaide and musicians like Jimmy Barnes, John Schumann celebrated the iconic theatre’s 90th birthday. Thebarton Theatre has hosted national and international acts and was brought into the SA Music Hall of Fame.

On Sunday the 7th of July, a Change.Org petition was made against Thebarton Theatre being demolished. At the time of this article being written, the petition has reached over 50,000 signatures.

Not only have the people of Adelaide spoken, but international musicians have also made a stance to save the theatre. UK singer Billy Bragg shared the petition on his Twitter page, wishing to save the venue and expressing his enjoyment from his gigs at the Thebarton Theatre.

After the reaction to the future of Thebarton Theatre from the community, Stephen Marshall has released alternative plans to upgrade South Road. Plans include an underground tunnel, which would preserve Thebarton Theatre and other historic buildings that would face demolition.

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