If you have been pondering whether or not to join the Fresh 92.7 Music Production Course or one of our Masterclasses, have a look at what one of our students made after he completed the course.

After completing the first Fresh 92.7 Music Production Course of this year with MATIAH, Peter Ranieri is already achieving high as he created and built an app called HookGen . You read that correctly; a student of ours BUILT AN APP. Not only is that awesome, but the app itself is incredibly unique and helpful for songwriters.

HookGen is a free web app that generates a brand new song by using Artifical Intelligence. You create the song by selecting a specific emotion for the song and the complexity of notes. 

“Before the Fresh FM music course, I was a software engineer but knew nothing about music production or DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), but with the Fresh FM course, I can now produce a supply of millions of unique music hooks,” says Peter.

While the app currently only generates piano notes, Peter is aiming to have simultaneous multi-instrument track generation (e.g. drums, strings, brass, guitar, and bass) programmed into the app by the end of the year.

A massive congratulations to Peter for persevering and creating this amazing app, have a closer look at HookGen here.

If you want to be like Peter and create something you never would have thought you would have done, have a closer read and join our Fresh 92.7 Music Production Course or our Masterclasses if you are at an advanced level.

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