Listen to the Fresh Open House with Bag Raiders

Jack Glass and Chris Stracey from Bag Raiders were the special guests for our most recent Open House. Bag Raiders have been touring Australia with their spectacular live show where they have been playing new music off of their latest EP Checkmate. 

The boys were in Adelaide to play a  gig at Rocket Bar and Rooftop  they took some time out before the show to chat to Caroline Tucker from Fresh Air about everything from their early beginnings making music to what studio equipment you should invest in for production.

The Sydney duo have come a long way since their first EP release back in 2007, so keep reading to get an insight into how they have built their careers in electronic music.

Chris and Jack began by speaking about their musical background particularly focusing on how classical music has helped shape and craft their music. As for what they think about the value of receiving extensive training they said:

“You really don’t need to be a virtuoso to make music in the studio, because no-one’s going to hear your mistakes anyway, you can take as long as you want.”

The boys also went into detail about their very early beginnings including their early interest in weird and diverse genres that eventually lead to their love of electronic music.

And as for trying to find your unique sound, they both said to just follow your instincts.

“If you’re not too worried about what’s happening in music trends… you’re more likely to make stuff that stands out.”

In regards to the massive success of their track ‘Shooting Stars’ you might be surprised to learn that they “(We) actually used to mix out of what when we were DJing before the drop…”. So that just goes to show – you may be surprised by how well received your music can be if you just put it out there for people to listen to.

Also in regards to the ‘pressure’ of a follow up to their success, the boys said, “Why would we make another ‘Shooting Stars’? ‘Shooting Stars’ is ‘Shooting Stars’, let it be.”

Another key point that the boys tackled on the night is how to best capture an audience in such a volatile industry, and the benefits of an album vs releasing songs track-by-track.

 “If you are exclusively making club music, then I think it makes total sense to make a song, and get it out. That’s the way I think club music should be released and consumed as well… but we like albums too.”

Make sure you check out the full recording below to get all the details from the session inlcuding more advice from the Q&A from the audience.

If you’ve not heard of Fresh Air Open House, it is a series of producer forums, where we put Adelaide’s music community in a room with some industry renowned producers and musicians to facilitate a discussion about all things music related. We’ve had some pretty big influencers on board including had Nina Las Vegas, Kilter, Ministry of Sound, KLP, Motez and Trials. It’s a great opportunity to join in on the discussion of all things music related, so hopefully we’ll see you at the next one!



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