This Sydney trio really do have it all. Talent in bags, an enviable ability to create that sweet spot between dance, chill and radio and some serious DJ skillz too. Yep, not content with setting the world on fire with their albums and awesome live shows the guys are now dropping some serious fire on the decks. As proof they’ve just dropped a DJ set recorded live from the closing of the second weekend of Do Lab. What’s Do Lab I hear you ask? Well you may not be familiar with the name, but you may be familiar with it’s parent project, how does Coachella sound? Thought so, Do Lab is described by LA Weekly as a “festival within a festival” and judging from what we have seen and heard it is absolutely stellar. It therefore seems fitting that one of Australia’s greatest music groups should be setting off a stage at one of the World’s greatest, most cutting edge festivals. All hail Rufus and their mighty music, for we are not worthy.