Last week we hosted our biggest Fresh Air Open House guest this year… Pendulum! We sat down with Paul “El Hornet” Harding for a Q&A before their massive come back gig ‘Pendulum Returns’.

After rumours of their break up lasting a long seven years, it’s safe to say this Q&A opportunity was priceless and this gig has been long awaited for. But before the gig, the infamous El Hornet who has “had a beard since he was nine” gave us a bit of a behind the scenes insight into what makes Pendulum. Chatting about the break up rumours, their unique sound, their music influences, as well as their hard times and successes.

Throughout their music career, Pendulum have broken a lot of rules with sound and have been creating unique songs for years. But as El Hornet said, “no one told us what the rules were, so we made our own interpretation of music.” He just “wanted to be a drum and bass DJ that made songs that sounded completely outside the realm of anything that had influenced drum and bass before because that’s what we were into.” And they’re definitely not wrong as thousands of fans have been digging their music for years too.

We asked El Hornet to take on one of the most asked questions; how the song Tarantula came about. It has been a huge success and became one of the first songs that broke Pendulum, but apparently this surprised El Hornet too as the lyrics “make absolutely no sense at all”.

With tips about Dj sets, El Hornet’s advice is “don’t plan your sets and don’t play cheap shots that you know will be an easy sell.” Oh and if you ever need a little motivation just remember, “hate is good because it means people are paying attention.”

Missed out on our Fresh Air Open House with Pendulum? Don’t worry, we’ve got it all recorded for ya right here.


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